Dutch Skies 360° used in Infinity Blade II !


Dutch Skies 360° Proudly used in the new Infinity Blade II !

Dutch skies where used (or modified versions of) for pretty much the entire game, with the exception of the red/orange dusk sky at the top of the castle tower, when you fight Thane.

Meanwhile Infinity Blade II gets great reviews.

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HDRI 360 Panoramic Skies for CG Visualization, Film, VFX and more... From The Netherlands.


You can also get them in bundles of 1+2, 1+2+3 or all of them 1+2+3+4 There is also a new special Autumn Pack (PDF) !

An example - DS360 Autumn Pack 01 - 01a

Bob Groothuis is currently working on revisions (new Hdr's , new sIbl sets, more natural tonemaps etc) to Vol 2 & Vol 3.

The updates will be free for customers who bought those Dvd's.

Customers will receive a mail when and how they can get the free update.

Revision Vol 2 will be ready about march 2012. Revision Vol 3 will be ready about may 2012.